Tuition Fees at the Universities in Austria and Cost of Living in Austria

Sadly, Austrian Universities do not provide grants or scholarships to students to study from another country. But  the tuition fees are quite low and affordable at some universities namely Vienna University of Technology, Top Technical University in Austria.

Tuition Fees and Cost of Studying

The universities in Austria operate on low tuition costs. For students going for Technical or applied science programs, expect the tuition fees to be ~€350. For arts Universities, tuition fees are not needed- it’s free for local Austrians and EEA nationals only while it is put at ~€350 for international students. The Universities of Applied Sciences are entitled to charge tuition fees. For more details, please contact the institution of your choice directly. 

Cost of living 

Living in Austria is so economical. One may say that living costs are quite affordable. Like in any other country, prices of things always vary depending on the region or city. As an international student, you should budget 850 and 950 EUR / month to cover all your expenses like accommodation, food bills, moderate social activities and public transportation. Note that Cost of living is cheaper in minor cities and also depends on the individual spending rate.

Cheap Universities in Austria

Graz University of Technology

Johannes Kepler University of Linz

Karl Franzens University

Montanuniversiat Leoben

Technikum Vorarlberg

Universitat fur Bodenkultur

University of Art and Industrial Design

Vienna University of Economics and Business

University of Innsbruck

University of Klagenfurt

University of Salzburg

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

University of Vienna

Vienna University of Technology

MCI-Management Center, Innsbruck

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