The Best Ways to Earn Higher Education in Singapore

Singapore has been in the headlines of global news for all the best reasons. On top of many other good things, it has some of the best universities and colleges.

Many students, both locals and foreigners, have benefitted from Singapore’s educational system. 

According to officials from the immigration department, quite a good number of people who migrate to Singapore feel confident that their children will receive a world-class education from the lower grades to the university level.

If it is time to attend a college or university in Singapore, the highlights below will come in handy.
Choosing a Career

Career choice occurs in high school for most people. The government of Singapore through the Ministry of Education has extensive guides on career choices for students at this level.

The main aim is to have them make a decision before they graduate from high school.

Whether you have been studying in Singapore since childhood or have just moved in from overseas, it is easy to choose a course of study that will be ideal when you attend college or university.

Your career will also dictate which institution of higher learning you will attend.

Universities in Singapore

As a nation that promotes education, Singapore has very high literacy levels. Singapore boasts over 30 universities.

They are all well equipped with modern learning facilities and take research seriously.

Global education reports rank this state as one of the best in research and learning techniques at colleges and universities.

This is one of the main reasons why foreigners seek how to get personal employment pass to Singapore.

Those moving to Singapore or their children will have an opportunity to join the best universities in the world.

These are the two best-known universities in Singapore.

• Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

– if your life is technology, this is the perfect choice for you as students from both Singapore and from outside. They have an array of specializations to cater to different interests.

• National University of Singapore (NUS)

– it is the best known, and the government invests a lot of resources in research and learning here.

Recently, NUS featured in the 2018 QS World Universities Ranking. Any student can join this university by merit.

Requirements to Attend

Just like in any other institution of higher learning, students who want to attend a university in Singapore must meet certain criteria.

Although the required grades vary, one has to be an excellent student and be able to prove it.

Some universities look at high school grades, technical college grades or earlier degree grades when assessing admission for a master’s degree and other higher level studies.

You need to check with individual institutions through their online portals to learn the requirements for each course.

College and University Fees

The government and other institutions do sponsor needy students under various programs after they meet the required criteria.

Students from abroad can also receive either partial or full scholarships at any of Singapore’s colleges and universities.

All in all, college and university fees in Singapore are relatively affordable. It is time to join higher education in Singapore.

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