2019 Low Tuition Universities in USA with Affordable Online MBA programs

In the dynamic market, where nothing is permanent, you can opt for Masters of Business Administration to cater yourself a stable career in management. There is a significant hike in the percentage of people who have MBA degrees.

Average MBA graduates in the US are 156,250 in number. This is way too many than the previous decade. This shows how fast the market is growing and people tending to lean towards MBA for a respectable job.

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In this fast-paced market, where the number of people are rising and competing with each other, no one wants to leave their jobs. For these set of competitive people, online MBA is the best option to give your career a hike.

With the help of this post, you will be able to comprehend what’s best for your career and then choose the right online MBA program in the USA. For students from other nations, you can also enroll in these programs. All you need is a proper guidance and additional tutoring.

Let’s know more about the preferable online MBA programs in the US. Here you go,


How Do We Rate?

The rating system is quite simple, we simply follow these parameters to rate the online programs. These parameters are,

  • Flexibility→ What is the preference of the program? Is it fully online, mix-bag or simply a class-based learning with some online features?
  • Affordability→ What is the overall costing of the program?
  • Academic Prestige→ What is the reputation of the online program in the US?

So, let’s have a look into some of the best online MBA programs in the US.


The University Of West Georgia

The Richards College of Business at the University of West Georgia offers Georgia WebMBA. Their online degree program allows the student to earn the MBA degree in 30 credit hours.

The procedure is very simple in enrolling in the program. The student only once needs to visit Atlanta at the beginning of the program for the in-face orientation. After that, they can study from anywhere they want.

The best part of Georgia WebMBA is that you can leverage the resources of professors from their 6 different campuses under the University of Georgia. The total cost of the program is $22,870. This price includes the one-time price of orientation which is $700.


The University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill

Online MBA program is offered by the Kenen-Flager Business School at the University of North Carolina At Chapel Hill. The students there can attend the virtual classes offered in multiple disciplines such as corporate finance, marketing, entrepreneurship and sustainable enterprise.

Apart from these domains, there are much more you can opt for in this top 30 ranked institution. This degree comprised of 66-credit hours which will cost you $1,510.23 per credit hours.


Pennsylvania State University

Pennsylvania State University campus is well known as Penn State World Campus. It offers an inter-college MBA in just 48 credit hours. This university gives some extra efforts to make the student think that he is on the campus.

They provide books to their students, plus a virtual review database access is also given in school’s library. They will also provide you a career team which will guide you if you have an issue. Their two-year program will cost you $59,312.


The University Of St. Francis

With The College of Business and Health Administration at University of St. Francis, you can earn an MBA degree in just one year. They offer complete online or traditional class for that.

You can opt for either of them. It offers up to 8 concentrations which include logistics, management, and human resource management. Its core curriculum focuses on management and leadership.

This 36 credit hour degree will cost you $770 per credit hour. They also offer online certification programs as well. This certification program is ideal for those who are looking to complete their degree later.


George Washington University

You can get an online degree from George Washington University. It will effectively provide you all the necessary chapter’s videos, recorded lectures, podcasts, and live online sessions. However, it requires two residencies to complete their 55-credit hour degree.

You have the liberty to select from these concentrations, finance, consulting, technology management, global management, and information system. You can choose a maximum of two out of these.

The overall cost of the program will cost you $89,355 which is a decent amount for a college who falls under the gamut of top 60 nationally ranked institutes.


The University of Memphis   

The Institute of Online Professional MBA at the University of Memphis gives you the freedom to learn online MBA programs from home and they also give you the flexibility to schedule according to your availability. Their course covers all the core topics in just 33-credit hours.

If you have a knack for face-to-face learning then you can opt for three-day a week on-campus residency classes as well. Their online MBA program costs you around $1,067 per credit hour.


The University Of Maryland

At the University of Maryland, you can earn your online MBA degree in 21 months. The online program is same as the traditional one. The only difference between online and traditional classes is that in online classes you can attend all classes virtually.

You can opt for a general business track such as finance, accounting, business analytics, marketing, and information system. You must attend their two three day residencies in order to complete the 54-credit hour degree. The cost for this online MBA program is $1,481 per credit hour.

Concluding Remarks

So, these universities are known well for their online MBA programs and their flexibility as well. You can go for any of these and rest assured, you will get awesome results. Just for a reminder here is a list for you to go through which we mentioned above.


  • The University Of West Georgia
  • The University of North Carolina At Chapel Hil
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • The University Of St. Francis
  • George Washington University
  • The University of Memphis
  • The University Of Maryland

I do hope you love the post. I wish for a brighter future of yours in the coming year. For any query, make use of the comments section. Till then, Adios!!!

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