Low Tuition Universities in Ukraine and How to apply

Ukraine is an excellent study destination for international students who want to study their dream courses abroad. Ukraine, as we all know, has a lot of academic features which makes it a cynosure for students and other study destinations.

In Ukraine, a student can get quality education at tuition fees. There are various courses to study including Science, Art and Management. During your studies, there is a great chance of you getting a part-time job. 

List of low tuition universities in Ukraine for international Students, tuition fees, Cost of living and how to apply for admission in Ukrainian universities are what we are going to consider in today’s post.

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Cost of Living

Cost of living in Ukraine is cheap and affordable for local and international students. It is estimated at $250 to $400. This estimated amount covers 

  • Cost of accommodation
  • Food
  • Books
  • Stationery etc.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees in Ukrainian Universities are affordable. It usually ranges from $1500 to $3500 per year for Engineering, Science and Management programs and $3500 to $4000for medical related programs and these tuition fees are very low.

Languages in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the major languages spoken are Russian, German and English.

Low tuition Universities in Ukraine

  1. Medical Universities of Ukraine;
    1. odessa national medical university
    2. kyiv international medical academy
    3. ukrainian medical stomatological academy

    (poltava state medical university)

    1. crimea state medical university
    2. kharkiv state medical university
    3. dnipropetrovsk medical academy
    4. vinnitsa national medical university
    5. zaporozhye state medical university
    6. lugansk state medical university
    7. donetsk state medical university
    8. lviv national medical university
    9. ivano frankivsk national medical university
    10. ternopil state medical university
    11. bukovinian state medical university
    12. sumy state university (for medicine)
    13. national pharmaceutical university of ukraine
    14. kharkiv medical academy for post graduation
    15. kyiv medical institute of ukrainian association of folk medicine
    16. kyiv municipal medical institute
    17. krasnograd medical institute
    18. kharkiv state zoo veterinary academy
    19. lviv institute of veterinary medicine
    20. v.n karazin kharkiv national university (for medicine)
    21. kyiv medical university of uafm
    22. kyiv national medical university


  2. Economics Universities of Ukraine;
    1. kharkiv national economics university
    2. kyiv national university of economics
    3. kyiv national university of economics & trade
    4. ternopil national economics university
    5. donetsk state academy of management
    6. european university of finance, information system and management
    7. kharkiv institute of management
    8. donetsk state university of economics & trade
    9. odessa state economics university
    10. kharkiv national municipal academy
    11. ukrainian academy of foreign trade
    12. international slovenic university
    13. poltava consumer cooperative university of ukraine
    14. east european university of economics & management
    15. lviv academy of commerce


  3. Aviation/Aeronautical Universities of Ukraine;
    1. kharkiv national aerospace university
    2. kyiv national aviation university
    3. kirovograd state flight academy of ukraine
    4. kremenchuk flying institute


  4. Culture, Arts, Sports Universities of Ukraine:
    1. kharkiv state university of fine arts & designing
    2. kharkiv state academy of culture
    3. kharkiv state academy of physical culture & sports
    4. kyiv national university of physical culture & sports
    5. dnipropetrovsk state institute of physical culture & sports
    6. lviv academy of music


  5. Agriculture Universities of Ukraine;
    1. kharkiv national agrarian university
    2. kyiv national agriculture university of ukraine
    3. poltava state agrarian academy
    4. lviv state agrarian university
    5. odessa state agriculture university
    6. lugansk national agrarian university
    7. kharkiv state technical university of agriculture
    8. crimea state agrarian university


  6. Technical Universities of Ukraine;
    1. kharkiv national university of radioelectronics
    2. kyiv national technical university
    3. kyiv national technical university
    4. poltava state technical university
    5. donetsk national technical university
    6. ternopil state technical university
    7. cherkassy state technological university
    8. kremenchuk state technical university
    9. odessa national technical university
    10. donbass state machine engineering academy
    11. dnipropetrovsk national metallurgical academy of ukraine
    12. kryvyi rih technical university
    13. dnipropetrovsk national mining university of ukraine
    14. ivano frankivsk state university of oil & gas
    15. ukrainian state academy of chemical engineering dnipropetrovsk
    16. vinnitsa national technical university
    17. sevastopol national technical university
    18. sevastopol national university of nuclear energy & industry
    19. zaporozhye state engineering academy
    20. zaporozhye state technical university
    21. kirovograd tate technical university
    22. donbass mining & metallurgical university
    23. lviv national technical university
    24. national shipbuilding university o ukraine
    25. ukrainian state academy of telecommunication odessa
    26. national university o water management & natural resources rivne
    27. kherson state technical university
    28. technological university of podillya
    29. pryazovskyi state technical university


  7. Other Universities of Ukraine;
    1. kyiv national university
    2. kyiv national pedagogical university
    3. kyiv national linguistic university
    4. kyiv national transport university
    5. kyiv national university of food technologies
    6. kharkiv national university v.n.karazin
    7. kharkiv state university of railway transport
    8. kharkiv state university of food technology & trade
    9. ukrainian engineering & pedagogical academy of kharkiv
    10. kharkiv state university of civil engineering & architecture
    11. kharkiv national university of automobile & roads development
    12. kharkiv national pedagogical university
    13. donetsk national university
    14. donetsk institute of psychology & management
    15. donetsk state institute of artificial intelligence
    16. dnipropetrovsk national university
    17. dnipropetrovsk national university of railway transport
    18. crimea national university (tavryda)
    19. crimean academy of environmental protection & resort development
    20. zaporozhye state university
    21. east ukrainian national university of lugansk
    22. lviv national university
    23. lviv state university of forestry & wood technology
    24. lviv theological academy
    25. lviv institute of finance & economics
    26. lviv academy of printing
    27. izmail state humanitarian university
    28. odessa state academy of refrigeration
    29. odessa national maritime university
    30. odessan state academy of marine engineering
    31. odessa national university
    32. odessa state hydrometeorological institute
    33. state university food technology
    34. odessa state university of civil engineering & architecture
    35. ukrainian state academy of telecommunication of odessa
    36. sumy state university


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How to Apply for Admission

Please for specific information on how you can apply, visit the school’s webpage.

Satisfactorily, I have shared here all the list of universities in Ukraine to help you have an idea of the potential of Ukrainian universities. All the universities of Ukraine are government universities, there is no private university in Ukraine, so, as an international student, you can choose to study in Ukrainian universities without any doubt.

Thank you!

:Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Ukraine and How to apply:

I am an Electrical Electronic Engineering Student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri - Nigeria. Also, I help students to achieve their study abroad dreams using my research articles. Feel free to contact me for assistance in your applications. Best of Luck!

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