Low Tuition Universities In Ukraine: How To Apply, Cost Of Living, Tuition Fees


Higher education in Ukraine is managed by the Ministry of Education which coordinates the activities of higher schools and supervises the higher schools which are under other ministries.

According to the “Law on Education”, higher education includes the following levels and categories of establishment: level I – vocational schools and other HEIs of a corresponding level; level II – colleges and other HEIs of a corresponding level which teach Bachelor and junior specialist courses; level III – institutes, conservatories,academies and universities that teach Bachelor’s and Specialist, as well as junior specialist courses; and level IV – institutes, conservatories, academies and universities which teach Bachelor’s, Master’s and Specialist courses.

The degree system is under reform: The old system had only one stage of undergraduate studies, the degree of “Specialist”, awarded after 5 years of study. The new system comprises two stages: undergraduate and graduate, with several degree levels.

Ukraine is an excellent study destination for international students who want to study their dream courses abroad. Ukraine, as we all know, has a lot of academic features which makes it a cynosure for students and other study destinations.

In Ukraine, a student can get quality education at tuition fees. There are various courses to study including Science, Art and Management. During your studies, there is a great chance of you getting a part-time job. 

List of low tuition universities in Ukraine for international Students, tuition fees, Cost of living and how to apply for admission in Ukrainian universities are what we are going to consider in today’s post. 

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees differs from university to university,You can even find engineering ,management and law courses in English starting fees from 1750$ only, some good universities have fees up to 2700$.

Tuition Fees for study in Ukraine in Russian medium is lower than in English medium. Russian medium tuition fees is starting from 1500$ in different specialties.

In Ukraine, tuition fees for medical universities are higher than the technical universities, the minimum tuition fees for English medium courses in Ukrainian medical universities for mbbs(md) is 3500$ and the maximum is 4200$ .

The state universities has less fees than in national medical universities. Like in Lugansk state medical university fees is 3700$ but in Kharkov national medical university fees is 4500$ per year for English medium of mbbs(md) 6 years.

Tuition fees for Russian medium medical courses is 3000$ or less then this.Tuition fees for dental courses, BDS is between 3500-4500$ depending on the universities. Pharmacy and veterinary courses are cheaper than main medical courses.

1.Tuition Fee of different Courses-from 1750 to 4200 USD. Preparatory Course is the most cheapest and recommended for the beginners.

2.Invitation Letter and visa confirmation letter- 350 USD. The Invitation letter is issued from ministry of education and science of Ukraine and is given by the university on the basis of students qualifying documents, we send visa confirmation letter to get guaranteed visa along with the invitation letter for all our students.

3.Medical and health insurance- 80USD

4.Dormitory or Hostel fees for 1 year-600 to 1200 USD. Hostel cost varies from sharing of rooms with other students. A double sharing room cost around 800USD per year.

5.Registration to immigration,admission fees,temporary residence permit for students in Ukraine – 250$US

6.Intermediate company charges,consultancy fees- 250$USD

7.Receiving at the airport/Airport pick up,transport expenses- 150$USD

Cost of Living or Living Expenses while studying in Ukraine

Ukraine is a very cheap country in terms of accommodation, food and everyday expenses, however we can provide with the approximate expenditures. Nevertheless, In order to live comfortably while you are in all over the Ukraine, the student will need to have about $USD 1200 to US$ 1800 per year available for living costs, above the cost of your tuition.

Living cost is also vary from city to city like in the capital city of kiev living expenses is higher than in other cities. Flats in big cities like kiev, kharkiv, donetsk and odessa is a bit expensive than in cities like lugansk, zaporozhye, poltava, ternopol.

Food products like milk, vegetables, meat and bread are very cheaper in Ukraine compare to any other European countries. for instance: in 1.5US$ the student can buy 4 Kg of POTATOES, or 4 KG of ONIONS or 2 litre of milk etc.

Milk products are very cheap as well. As far clothing is concerned, it won’t much bother your pocket, for example a good Jeans costs 20$US, Shirts cost 10-20$US, T-Shirts cost 10-20US$. The books are provided by University Library and other stationery can be bought in side university campus at a very low cost.

The students’ Travel card on Government Transport (Metro,Trams,Trolleybus,Trains or Buses) is issued by Universities & costs only 5US$ in a month.The International student Card is issued right after the students get Admission in University.

The students with International Student card are given concession of 30% from the normal price of Air Tickets. The students are given a concession of 40% from the normal price of Ticket in Trains, Buses etc.

The rail and bus transport system of Ukraine is very developed and at par with other European countries.Cost of travel by train or train ticket upto a distance of 500 km is about 12$ And the Flight ticket cost, for the same distance is about 60USD.

Rent a private taxi is cheaper in Ukraine. The cost is 3USD to 4 USD per 5 to 8 km.Bus ,Trolley Bus,trams,metro is much cheaper and cost around 40 cents in dollars maximum from any part of the city to any part.

Languages in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the major languages spoken are Russian, German and English.

List of low tuition Universities in Ukraine

Kharkiv national economics university

Kyiv national university of economics

Kyiv national university of economics & trade

Ternopil national economics university

Donetsk state academy of management

European university of finance, information system and management

Kharkiv institute of management

Donetsk stae university of economics & trade

Odessa state economics university

Kharkiv national municipal academy

Kyiv national university

Kyiv national pedagogical university

Kyiv national linguistic university

Kyiv national transport university

Kyiv national university of food technologies

Kharkiv national university v.n.karazin

Kharkiv state university of railway transport

Kharkiv state university of food technology & trade

Kharkiv national medical university

Dnipropetrovsk state medical academy

Ukrainian medical stomatological academy

Crimea state medical university

Odessa state medical university

Kyiv national medical university

Vinnitsya national medical university

Zaporozhye state medical university


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