2019 Low tuition universities in Switzerland with Tuition Fees

ETH Zurich and EPFL are the two top ranked institutes of technology with reputation of being world leaders in science and engineering education. Nowadays, many courses are operated in English. Looking towards the tuition fees, an international student will discover that Switzerland operates lower tuition universities as compared to other countries like UK and USA.

Unemployment ratio is low. Also, most courses are taught in French, German and English thus, creating a free flow of international students seeking quality higher education in Europe. Please find below the list of low tuition universities in Switzerland, tuition Fees, admission requirements, visa and cost of living in Switzerland.

Cost of Living

Cost of living when compared to other European countries is comparatively high.  You will also have to factor in exchange costs, as Switzerland has its own currency in the form of the Swiss franc. A budget of 1000 Euro to 1200 Euro should take care of feeding, accommodation, books, and transportation etc. for a month.

Tuition Fees

International students in Switzerland should expect to pay tuition fees in the range £650 and £3,000 annually. This varies depending on your chosen course and institution. Tuition fees waivers like scholarships are available to foreign students – Tuition fees in private universities are higher –  range from 2000 Euro and 8,000 Euro per semester. All for bachelor, masters and Ph.D. Studies.

Immigration and visas

You will need to provide these for a visa application;

A valid passport

Proof of a place at a registered university

Evidence of funds to support themselves

Proof of address

Health insurance

(Non-EU students will need to check the relevant details for studying in Switzerland with their own country.)


Admission Requirements

For Undergraduate; Secondary/high school result and possess a valid school leaving certificate.

For Masters; BSc certificate, Resume, two reference letters and bachelor’s degree transcripts.

For Ph.D.; a good Master’s degree result.


Universities in Switzerland

  • University of Zurich
  • Biel School of Engineering
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Engineering School of St. Gallen
  • Graduate Institute of International Studies
  • Rapperswil School of Engineering
  • School of Engineering Cantone Ticino
  • School of Engineering of Bern HTL
  • School of Engineering of Brugg-Windisch HTL
  • School of Engineering of Burgdorf HTL
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
  • Universitat Basel
  • Universite de Fribourg
  • Universite de Lausanne
  • University of Berne
  • University of Berne
  • University of Geneva
  • University of Neuchatel
  • University of St. Gallen

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Nilushi Dayarathna

Please send a email with all tution fees and entry reqirement for law cost universities in switzerland.

surin p

I am looking for an online school of digital marketing program MSc with the lowest tuition and finish fast.
I found one school name ABMS The open U of Switzerland. Do you know this school? Is the school accredited? Is the USA accept their accredited status?


Please send me an email on the lowest tuition fee universities in Switzerland. My native language is English. My aim is to be a statistician where i can speak at least three different languages. But for now i have decide to learn the Swiss-Germany. And please if you can send me link where i can get the pronunciation i will be very happy. Merci Vilmal.

Israel workeneh

I am dreaming to study master of busness administration in one of public university of Switzerland


Please I will like to know the cheapest school for medicine in Switzerland or any other european countries
Thanks and looking forward for your reply


please, I need help on colleges/ university that offer scholarship in biomedical
engineering/electrical electronics. l am waiting for yield response.


I am interested in studying medicine in Switzerland. Kindly update me with the tuition fees and other necessary information in order to embark on the admission process.


Hello need the school fees of a nursing student


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