Low Tuition Universities in Japan with Fees Below $10,000

Low Tuition Universities in Japan with Fees Below $10,000

Do you know there are so many universities in Japan that instruct in English language? A lot of students are still doubting if they can really cope with studying in the Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Japan due to language barrier. In this article, we have outlined top reasons you should consider taking your higher education in Japan. Also, tuition fees range, cost of living in Japan as a foreign student are included in this article.

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Japan is blessed with a good number of universities for international students to study their dream courses. Disregarding the low tuition fees charged in the universities there, international students are open to numerous scholarships which can help fund their studies. Tuition fees in Japanese universities are very low and affordable for international students especially if there are compared to those of many European nations and the US.

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International students need to budget their fees in the range of $5,000 –
$10,000 per year. Study program and the institution one chooses can affect the tuition fee as courses in the Medical field cost more. A budget of ¥100,000 will be sufficient to take care of most of your necessary expenses. To crown it all, living in the minor cities can beat down the living cost as things are less expensive in those places than in major cities. Due to the fact that different people have various lifestyles, we cannot give the actual amount, but this is just an average estimate which will cater for your books, accommodation, travels expenses.

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International students Applying to any Japanese University will only need to possess an International Baccalaureate which is up to 18 years of age if applying for undergraduate programs. For postgraduate studies, a valid degree from an acknowledged University is accepted by the institutions there. Please do well to contact your university of choice’s webpage for some specific information on this. Writing The ‘Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU)’ standardized test which is structured to test basic academic skill in areas of mathematics, science and ‘Japan and the world’ is what you should also watch out for.

List of 10 Low Tuition Universities in Japan for International Students

Every university is different for their set range of tuition, but the cheapest universities in Japan offers low tuition for their international students.

Asahikawa Medical University

Aichi Gakuin University

Akita Prefectural University

Aoyama Gakuin University

Aichi University

Akita International University

Aichi Bunkyo University

Aichi Bunkyo Women’s College

Aichi Gakuin University

Aichi Institute of Technology

:Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Japan and How to Apply:

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