Low Tuition Universities in Hungary with Tuition Fees

List of low tuition universities and colleges in Hungary, how to apply, tuition fees, cost of living in Hungary as an international student, admission requirements, top universities in Hungary and some Scholarships are the aspects we are considering today.

The decline in population in Hungary since 1981 has opened door for international students to live and pursue their higher education in this country.Most of the international students come to pursue full time degree in medical programs, as Hungary is popularly known for its medical schools. 

Hungary is found in central Europe with an estimated population of over 10 million people. Right from 2004, it has been a member state of the European Union and this has afforded students the opportunity to discover other parts of Europe while earning a higher education degree.

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Cost of living in Hungary

Costs of living in Hungary is actually cheap and affordable. It’s estimated at 450 to 500 Euro per month which will cover the cost of accommodation, food, books and minor needs like internet subscription. But it solely depends on the individual involved.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees in Hungary are very low and affordable when compared to other European countries. Students with best academic records usually benefit from the State-Funded program, where the government of Hungary pays the tuition fees of students selected.

If you are an EU student or come from a country that has reciprocal agreement with Hungary, you may qualify for the “State-Funded” student. International students, non EU and students who don’t fall within the “State-Funded” category will have to pay tuition fees ranging from 1000 to 3000 Euro per academic year.

They may also be required to pay some registration fees ranging from 40 to 700 euro depending on the course they take. Tuition fees for bachelor’s degrees are approximately EUR 1000 per academic year on average, while tuition fees for master’s degrees are EUR 1500 per semester on average.

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How to apply and Admission requirements in Hungary

You do not need to take any special admission tests before getting admitted into the Hungarian universities. The only requirement is the proof of proficiency in English language if you are picking up course in English. 

This may include presenting the score of internationally approved examinations like TOEFL or else you need to clear the proficiency tests by the universities during the starting period of your course.

Also, students applying to study at the undergraduate level are expected to have completed a secondary education or high school and have a valid school certificate qualifying them for a higher education studies in Hungary.

Applicants for master’s study must be in possession of a relevant bachelor’s degree or its equivalent. Those that wish to study at doctorate level should have a good master’s degree that is recognized in Hungary. You can only apply to universities in Hungary via the UCAS.

Cheap Tuition Universities and Colleges in Hungary

Attila Jozsef University

Avicenna International College

Budapest University of Economic Sciences

Central European University

Debrecen University of Agricultural Sciences

Hungarian Academy of Craft and Design Kossuth

Lajos University

Mathematical Institute of Hungarian

Academy of Sciences University

Medical School of Debrecen

University of Pecs

University of West Hungary

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Medical University

Attila Jozsef University

Bessenyei Gyorgy Teachers Training College

Eotvos Lorand University of Sciences

Gvdvllu University of Agricultural Sciences

Janus Pannonius University of Sciences

Juhasz Gyula Teacher Training College

Lajos Kossuth University of Arts and Sciences

Semmelweis University of Medical Sciences

Szeged University

Technical University of Budapest

Hungary University of Miskolc


Top Best universities in Hungary

University of Szeged;

This University is unanimously considered as the best university in Hungary and is, also, known as one amongst the prestigious universities in Europe that offers a variety of courses.

The University of Szeged has renounced sections in the campus ranging from medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, arts, music, economics and business, engineering etc. 

There are to an approximated value, 30,000 students pursuing a full degree program under this university in which about 1,500 are international students. The tuition fees for medical programs is ~2500 Euro per annum while the hostel fees is around 80 to 100 Euro per annum.

Eotvos Lorand University

This University sitting in the capital of Hungary, Budapest was ranked as the best university in Hungary along with university of Szeged.

It has eight great faculties within which include law and political sciences, humanities, informatics, social sciences, education and psychology, science, etc.

University of Debrecen;

this is the oldest continuously operated college in Hungary. This university uses English as its language of instruction and is popularly recognized for its courses in the field of Medicine for international students. There are other faculties within the university.  

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The Hungarian Ministry of Education and Culture awards scholarships to the most brilliant international students through Hungarian Scholarship Board Office.

These Scholarships are offered under bilateral systems as well as scholarship pool systems. Various kinds of scholarships provided in Hungary to international students are as follows:

Semester studies; in this particular scholarship, the student is given a monthly stipend of ~HUF 40,460. Accommodation of the student is also managed by the university for which the student has to pay.

Postgraduate studies; A monthly stipend of ~HUF 79,200 along with ~HUF 70,000 monthly accommodation allowance is awarded. For scholarships shorter than 21 days, a daily stipend of ~HUF 1000 is given.

Full PhD studies; A monthly stipend of ~HUF 100, 00 and accommodation within the university residence is provided for which the student has to pay.

Partial PhD; Similar as full PhD just for a shorter duration.

I hope you had a good ride. Always check back for updates. If you are interested in any of the universities listed above, do well by visiting the university’s webpage for specific information.

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:Low Tuition Universities in Hungary and How to Apply:

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