Low Tuition Universities in Denmark with Tuition Fees

Students search for low tuition universities and colleges in Denmark for, tuition fees, cost of living in Denmark and admission requirements. These are exactly what we have covered in this article. Also, I will like to let you know that there are many low tuition study abroad options one can choose from in Denmark.

Denmark as a Country

Denmark is known for its cheap and affordable tuition universities and colleges where international students with low financial income can study their dream courses.

It is also a popular international study destination in central Europe. Arriving at Denmark, you will discover that high-quality English-taught degree courses are operated there and innovative teaching methods which are practical based are used.

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The very good European standard of living and diversified study subjects make Danish universities important contenders on the international higher education market. Before you finally decide if to study in Denmark or not, let’s consider other factors.

Tuition Fees

In Denmark, tuition fees to study at Bachelor’s or Master’s level is free only for students coming from the EU/EEA area and also for students participating in an exchange programme in Denmark.

In addition to that, most programmes are free but not all. All international students will have to pay some tuition fees of about 6,000 Euro.

Besides noting this, the tuition fees will also depend on the course one desires to study and the university offering the course. Above all, the average tuition fees is around 12,000 – 15,000 Euro/year. If you have the following you won’t have to pay tuition fees as well

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  • Permanent residence permit in Denmark, 
  • Temporary residence permit which can be changed to a permanent one, 
  • Parent from a non-EU/EEA country who is already working in Denmark.

Cost of Living

Costs of living as an international student in Denmark are generally higher when compared to most places of the world. If you intend to live in the major cities like Copenhagen, you have to budget your expenses wisely so that you can put down the cost.

About 700 to 900 Euros every month can cater for your needs and will cover expenses like accommodation, books, food etc.

In the other hand, staying in minor cities in my opinion should be the best option since the living cost is cheaper.

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How to Apply

The Danish Immigration Service recommends that the application be submitted in about 2-3 months before your expected arrival.

If you are an international student, it is wise to send your application to the Danish mission in the country you come from or have lived in for the past 3 months.

 You can also obtain the application forms from the mission or from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

If there is no Danish mission in the country in question, you can contact the mission of the Schengen country, which represents Denmark. 

Admission requirements

Again, in Denmark, the admission requirements are not the same for all courses or programmes. It is advisable to get this information from the institution you wish to study in.

We can still assist you on that. All you need to do is to send us the name of a university in Denmark that you may want to study in via a mail, the course and the level of study.

Admission requirements for undergraduate programmes:

  • Proof of proficiency in English
  • Proof of proficiency in Danish if the programme is taught in Danish
  • You must pass the entry test given

Admission requirements for master’s programmes: 
A good Bachelor’s degree  standard or equivalent
Proof of proficiency in English
Proof of proficiency in Danish if the programme is taught in Danish

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Admission requirements for PhD’s programmes:
A master’s degree that can be compared to a two-year Danish master’s degree
Proof of proficiency in English
Proof of proficiency in Danish if the programme is taught in Danish

The Danish Agency for International Education could be of help if you visit their webpage for general information on assessment of foreign qualifications for admission to the Danish higher education programmes.

Cheap Tuition Universities and Colleges in Denmark

  1. Aalborg Business College
  2. Aalborg University
  3. Aarhus school of Business
  4. Copenhagen Business School
  5. University of Southern Denmark
  6. Roskilde University
  7. Royal Danish School of Pharmacy
  8. Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University
  9. Technical University of Denmark
  10. Aarhus University
  11. University of Copenhagen

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:Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Denmark and Application process:


  1. Hey I am trying to get into a school there university of southern Denmark I am Nigerian I’d need help.with the requirement and also find out if I can work and pay my tuition fee.

  2. Am a Ghanaian and very eager to work and study at the same time .can i please get admission at any of our universities in Denmark?please lemme know.

  3. Hey I am a Cameronian I really like to study in Denmark, but can I be working and going to school at the same time

    1. Yes. Non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens may work in Denmark for up to 20 hours a week and full-time during June, July and August. … If you did not apply for a work permit when applying for a residence permit to study in Denmark, you can apply for one at the Danish Immigration Service.

  4. Jeg er brasiliasnke og over 60 år, men ville gerne studerer Medicine i København, jeg har råd til studerer uden stipendium, og ville nyde de krediter jeg er fãet i Biomedicine I Brasiliens universitet som har ligende emner, skønt vi handler Ike med patienter. Også, jeg kunne blive med de danskere, jeg mener følge de fælles kurser. Got, head behøver jeg gøre for at begynder I August? Jorge
    NB I = i, not jeres

  5. Hello, I am from Nigeria and i want to study computer science in bachelors degree in any Denmark university. Please any recommendation ?. Thank you

  6. Hi,
    I’m a Nigerian and looking for an affordable university to enrol in an undergraduate course.
    I’m interested in studying commerce or accounting, can you recommend a good university please! i want to know about the cost, entry requirements and how to apply.
    Expecting your response and thank you in advance

  7. Am interested in studying Pharmacy in Denmark as an undergraduate.
    What if it is offered in Danish, how will I cope??

  8. i will like to study in any universities in Denmark

    Am from Nigeria…..Lagos to be precised

  9. i am interested about study in denmark. actually i want to do undergraduate program.so if u give me any kind of informations it will be great for me.

  10. I’d love to study in Denmark in a city where the living cost is not expensive and at a cheap school too….I’d need help.

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