Low Tuition Universities in Canada with Tuition fees

Low Tuition Universities in Canada with Tuition fees

You will find the cheap tuition universities in Canada arranged for international students, tuition fees, cost of living in Canada – which can be more cheaper and affordable if you choose to live in the minor cities, admission requirements – which vary from institution to institution and how to apply.

It is a general fact that in USA, Australia or UK the tuition fees are higher than those in Canada. You can study on low or cheap tuition in Canada as a better alternative since it is even more affordable there.

Also, there are lots of low tuition universities and colleges to Study your dream course in Canada if you do not have enough fund to afford studying in USA, Australia or UK.

But the choice is wholly yours to make. It might be so surprising that some good universities in Canada operate on very low or better still cheap tuition fees from international students.

These tuition fees fall in the range of $5,000 to $10,000 per year for undergraduate, master and doctorate degree programs. Do you consider that to be cheap or expensive? It’s cheap!

Cost of Living

Cost of living  simply means the amount of money a student needs to take care of his/her expenses like feeding, accommodation, transportation etc.

In Canada, this is extremely low and affordable as it can be estimated at $600 to $800 a month for a student’s living expenses. This amount will take care of his/her feeding, buying of books, stationery, transportation etc.

Draft of the cost of living in Canada for students:

  • Accommodation (bedroom apartment) – $400 approximately per month.
  • Books and supplies – $1000 per year
  • Movies – $8.50 – $13
  • Average restaurant meal – $10 – $25 per person
  • Groceries – $150 – $200 per month

A student can spend more or less as it really matters what the student lifestyle is like. Please kindly note that the above break-down is just an estimate.

Admission Requirements and How to Apply

Applying to any Canadian higher institution as an international student takes different methods. This is due to the fact that different universities in Canada have their own policy regarding admission requirements.

We always recommend to our readers who are interested in applying for admission at any Canadian university to visit the webpage of that particular university they may wish to apply for specific guidelines on how that can be done.

Adding more value to the information you needed, if you want to apply for graduate studies in Canada, you will have to pass through these steps below:

  • Fill in an application form online
  • Submit your qualifications and transcripts
  • Show proof in proficiency in English or French( language of instruction is based on the language of the program you want to study)
  • Submit letters of recommendation
  • You will need to write letter of motivation – an essay explaining why you chose to study in Canada
  • For international students that finished their undergraduate program outside Canada, you may be required to pay an International Credential Evaluation fee to have your qualifications valid
  • Finally, after your admission is guaranteed, you have to apply for a visa or study permit, and can also apply for scholarships or grants.

Cheap Tuition Universities and Colleges in Canada with Fees for Undergraduate studies and Postgraduate studies

UniversitiesUndergraduate tuition feesPostgraduate tuition fees
Brandon University$5000 to $8000$5000 to $8000
Memorial University of Newfoundland$6000 to $8800$6000 to $8800
Saint Paul University$5000 to $6000$5000 to $6000
Athabasca University$9000 to 10000$9000 to $10000
Concordia University Edmonton$11000 to 12000$11000 to 12000
University of Manitoba$12000 to 14000$8000 to 10000
University of Saskatchewan$12000 to $14000$4000 to $6000
University of Winnipeg$12000 to $15000$12000 to $15000
McMaster University$14000 to $16000$14000 to $16000
University of Victoria$14000 to $16000$6000 to $8000
University of Ottawa$14000 to $16000$14000 to 16000
Dalhousie University$14000 to $16000$14000 to $16000
Mount Royal University$11000 to $12000$11000 to $12000

From the table above, it can obviously be seen that some good universities in Canada still charge very low and cheap tuition fees.

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