Internships And Part-Time Jobs: Your Career Ladder To Success

Did you know that 95% of the employers prefer some level of work experience while hiring freshers?

According to Live Career, recruiters are increasing vouching for their own interns or students with internship experience, when it comes to hiring for their entry-level positions.

To a recruiter, a job aspirant who has devoted quality time working for a company within a specific career path, and has demonstrated enthusiasm in assigned tasks is definitely a perfect fit for job offers within the same industry.

Apart from helping you find your dream job, internships also serve as a handy source of income.

As an intern, you will receive stipends of varying amounts depending on the job offer, brand name, and industry concerned. The salaries can be superbly attractive in several cases, especially in large multinational companies.

Part time jobs are very flexible, permitting you to organize your activities with ease, especially in the case where you want to avoid interference with lectures or internships.

These part-time jobs can be a superb booster to your CV thereby enhancing the possibilities of you landing a job in the near future. It demonstrates that you are hard-working, and ready to explore new ventures, which is what employers seek in their prospective employees.


How To Bag an Internship/ Part-Time Job While Studying?

As a student you can get a range of such opportunities ranging from tutoring, on-campus jobs, data entry operations etc.

You can know more about the popular types of internships & part-time jobs here .

But here’s the catch: Globally, the current lot of students are highly competitive and getting a work opportunity is much more difficult than what it was 5 years ago.

Randomly walking in with your resume will not close the deal for you.

Below are some tried and tested methods through which you can research, filter out and bag your dream Internship/ Part-time job:


Writing A Cover Letter For An Internship

Every internship requires the submission of a cover letter by the candidate. Your cover letter should be carefully written, making sure it is as specific as possible.

Employers frown at cover letters filled with ambiguous descriptions. It should be catchy and demonstrate your previous tasks, academic vibrancy, and extracurricular experiences.

Remember there are many applicants, so your cover letter should stand out!. Explain the proficiency that make you a perfect fit for the internship. Your cover letter should aim at convincing the recruiter of the value you can bring to their organization. Be sure to carefully proofread your cover letter for spelling and grammar errors.



The different types internships are based on factors such as the specific time period, industry concerned, remuneration, and credit/non-credit internships.

Internships based on specific periods within an academic year include:

  • Semester internships
  • Quarterly internships
  • Summer internships
  • Fall internships
  • Spring internships
  • Winter internships

Industry based internships: This is classified based on the college major of the intern. This include

  • Marketing internships
  • Advertising internships
  • Finance internships,
  • Legal internships
  • Technology internships

Some of the above internships are paid while others are unpaid. Interns can also participate in internships that can be part of the academic coursework thereby adding them course credits.

While there are various types of internships, all share one common goal: The student aims to meet specific learning aspirations. Such objectives are often formally evaluated by an internship supervisor.


You could also have a part-time job in the following areas:

  • Eateries: Part time work at an eatery can be very rewarding and thereby reduce your living cost.
  • Helping in a retail shop: You can work at a supermarket or a local shop where you will be taking care of customer queries.
  • Working as a tutor: This is ideal for college students with excellent academic results. Concerned parents are ready to give attractive salaries to their kid’s tutor.
  • Grabbing Freelancing job options: If you have unique talent in a particular field, make sure you harness it into a job. You can work as a translator, content writer or web developer.


Crafting a Superb Resume

Another important aspect of an internship application should be an effective resume. This represents an impressive summary of qualifications that will propel the recruiter to consider you for an interview and finally the job offer.

Many internships are extremely competitive, and any carelessly-written resume can limit your chances of being accepted for the internship or part-time job opportunity. Remember your primary objective is to produce a chronological list of experience that is useful to the specific vacancy.

Make sure you add awards and volunteering experience. Employers usually spend short time-intervals reviewing resumes, so it’s better you include your best capabilities and accomplishments in a prominent position on the page.


Creating Networking Opportunities

The technological boom and global competitiveness has made professional platforms like LinkedIn very relevant for college students looking forward to an internship or part-time job.

Creating a profile on LinkedIn will help to expand your network base, and provide the necessary exposure for recruiters to notice your proficiency.


Internship Online Platforms

There is a high possibility of seeing too many results on Google if you are looking for an internship opportunity. There is therefore a need for specific platforms and websites that offer many internships for college students.

Examples include:

Getting an internship or doing a part-time job is an amazing way to grow your skills, and have a taste of the work environment.

 It is a great path to landing a job especially if your cover letter and resume are superbly written.

Implementing the above tips will go a long way in getting you your dream opportunity.

Good luck!


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