How To Construct A Winning Resume

Constructing Winning Resume or CV

In this post, you will see some rules to observe while creating or writing your resume/C.V. A resume is primarily a tool intended to help you secure interview for a job. It outlines your skills education, experience and accomplishments. It also highlights your selling points and indicates how you can solve a potential employer’s problems.

Many a times, the nomenclatures resume and C.V confuse students hence; they assume they are too different things. For the sake of clarity, resume and C.V are the same to some extent just that one uses C.V to apply for academic positions. It contains all published works, awards, professional achievements etc. But be that as it may, in Nigeria Labour Market, resume and C.V are assumed to be the same thing. Most often, employers prefer to use the name C.V to resume.

Rules on Resume or C.V Construction

  1. Keep your resume simple and straight forward
  2. Limit your resume to two pages or less
  3. Don’t make your resume too dense
  4. Be honest in your resume, present yourself accurately, but focus on the positive
  5. Remember anything you put on your resume might be a topic of conversation in your resume
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