How to Apply For Admission to Universities Abroad

Its a common thing for students applications to be declined due to certain reasons that may be vague to them. Today, I will make sure you don’t make the mistake of applying wrongly to a foreign university while planning to study abroad. To study abroad is nearly the dream of all scholars! Though you may not be financially buoyant, there are other options that can lead you to your study abroad dreams. 

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Possible Reasons Your Admission Applications Are Declined or deemed Unsatisfactory

Basically, without meeting the minimum requirement for the programme you apply to study, you may not be offered admission. Apart from this, there are other reasons why universities reject some students’ applications. Below are some reason!

Incomplete Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are very important part of your application. They include your results, transcripts, TOEFL results, and reference letters. The admission committee uses these documents to assess the student and will either grant or deny him an offer to study in the school. However, if you are applying without these documents, no university will ever process your application. It might interest you to check the admission requirements at the universities abroad here.

Unhealthy/Poorly Written Statement of Purpose/Essay

A statement of purpose is simply an essay about yourself, your achievements and study plan. So, it goes a long way in telling the school how prepared you are for the programme you wish to study. However, it has to be properly written and sent together with other applications. Most students are denied admission because of the poorly written nature of their essay.

Late Application

All universities have their admission deadline. For the September/October academic session, the deadline is usually between June and August depending on the school and the programme.

However, its very important you send your application as early as possible so you will not miss the deadline. Applications received after deadline are not usually considered.

Another benefit of applying early is that you will receive you acceptance letter in time and with it, you can start applying for visa, accommodation and funding/scholarship.

To be successful while applying to study abroad, try to guard against making such mistakes listed above. I will, from time to time, keep this article updated. So endeavour to bookmark my blog.

If you think there are other vital reasons which I have not included,  kindly comment it below. Thanks for reading!

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