Contemporary Japan Program (CJP) at KGU in Japan for International Studdents, 2017-2018

About: Kwansei Gakuin University is offering International Scholarships for Contemporary Japan Program (CJP). In order to attend Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) as an exchange student, students must be enrolled at their of KGU’s partner universities. The Contemporary Japan Program is basically for new exchange students to Kwansei Gakuin University. Students on Exchange programs are offered a choice between two study tracks that will define the main focus of their time at KGU, the “Japanese Language Track” and the “Modern Japan Track”. Kwansei Gakuin University, colloquially abbreviated to Kangaku, is a non-denominational Christian private and coeducational university in Nishinomiya, Sanda, Osaka City, and Tokyo, Japan. No prior knowledge of Japanese Language is necessary to study at KGU as an exchange student. Scholarships are available for pursuing Contemporary Japan Program (CJP).

Scholarship Award: The JASSO scholarship: The Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO) offers a limited amount of scholarships for incoming exchange students requiring financial support and fulfilling the specific prerequisites for nomination to study in Japan for a semester or an academic year. This scholarship includes a monthly stipend of ¥80,000 (estimated) which will be provided after arriving in Japan. The number of scholarships available varies each year according to government funding. JASSO Scholarship recipients are forbidden from concurrently receiving other scholarships which pay the equivalent of a monthly stipend of the amount of the JASSO Scholarship or higher. Recipients receiving any such additional scholarship will lose the JASSO Scholarship. Applicants may concurrently apply for such scholarships, but will have to decline them should the JASSO Scholarship be awarded. 

Other external scholarships: KGU may be able to nominate incoming exchange students for other external scholarship. In this case, KGU will contact students who submitted a Scholarship Application Form and fulfill specific prerequisites for each different scholarship. KGU may require the student to submit extra documents such as a proof of the family’s income.

Scholarship can be taken in Japan

Eligibility: In order to attend Kwansei Gakuin University (KGU) as an exchange student, students must be enrolled at one of KGU’s partner universities. Candidates who have been officially nominated by their partner institutions must fulfill the following requirements

  • A student who has good character and performed well academically in their home institution. The students’ grades from the previous academic year must be equal exceed 2.30 according to the scholarship GPA formula below. Academic transcripts for the previous semester will be sufficient if transcripts for the whole academic year are unavailable. Moreover, in the rare case that student’s grades cannot be calculated according to the Scholarship GPA Evaluation Chart, the student will need to and then a letter of recommendation which states that the nominee
  • performs well academically to the standards we require for a scholarship nomination will be substituted. This letter must be written by a member of academic or administrative staff from the home institution.
  • A student who has a clear purpose for studying in Japan and who will benefit from the exchange experience.
  • A student who needs financial assistance for studying in Japan. Students with a family income lower than 8,000,000 JPY per year will be considered preferentially.
  • A student who will continue their studies and/or who will receive a degree at their home university after completion of the exchange program.
  • A student who will have the visa status of college student when coming to Japan. Japanese Nationals are not eligible.
  • If a student is awarded another scholarship for his/her studies in Japan, the amount of money received from that scholarship should not exceed the amount of the scholarship received through KGU.
  • A student who hasn’t received a scholarship in the past to come and study in Japan as an exchange student. Or if a student has received a scholarship in the past as an exchange student at least 3 years must have passed since receiving the scholarship

Nationality: International students can apply for these scholarships.

College Admission Requirement

Test Requirement: Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 or the equivalent level is required. Students who wish to take regular university courses at KGU during their exchange must have already passed JLPT N1, or pass the Regular Course Aptitude test (JLPT N1 equivalent level) after arriving in Japan (also held during orientation). Those who have passed JLPT N1 should submit a document of proof with their application.

English Language Requirement: No prior knowledge of Japanese Language is necessary to study at KGU as an exchange student. However please note that to register in the Japanese Language Track, you have to master the two Japanese scripts, hiragana and katakana, by the time you arrive to Japan as proved by the results of your placement tests. If you choose to

How to Apply:

  • Submit the Scholarship Application Form to your university administrator / exchange coordinator.
  • Submit your scholarship GPA score, based on the formula explained above, to your university administrator / exchange coordinator.
  • Submit a one-page essay detailing Reasons for Applying for the Scholarship. This essay can be written in Japanese or in English. Please note that this essay is not the ‘Letter of Reason’ that students are required to submit as a part of their application materials.

Application Deadline: The following deadlines apply to both full year and semester study abroad applications.
Fall Semester 2017: April 15, 2017
Spring Semester 2018: November 15, 2017

Note: Students applying for scholarships through KGU (including the JASSO Scholarship) must submit all application documents including the scholarship application documents by the deadline.

Scholarship Link 

Get the application Form here

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