Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities in Venezuela for International Students

Bolivar Fuertes (BSF) is the Venezuelan currency, and one BSF is equivalent to around 16 US cents. From this proportion, we can notice that living in Venezuela is very affordable for foreigners. It might interest you to know that many universities in Venezuela support international students while they are in their home country to move in to Venezuela. They assist in providing transport to and from the airport as well as information on student accommodation. Endeavor to contact the University you may wish to study in directly for more information about this. The latest estimated cost of one year for undergraduate students is $29,253 and $33,790 for graduate students. These estimates will also cater for your living expenses like feeding, buying of books, etc. In this post, we have listed the low tuition universities in Venezuela for international students that may want to apply.

Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities and Colleges in Venezuela for International Students

Universities in Venezuela
Public universities:
Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela
Universidad Central de Venezuela
Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado
Universidad de Carabobo
Universidad Indígena de Venezuela
Universidad Nacional Experimental de Guayana
Universidad de Los Andes
Universidad de Los Llanos Centrales Rómulo Gallegos
Universidad de Los Llanos Occidentales Ezequiel Zamora
Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchira
Universidad Nacional Experimental de Yaracuy
Universidad del Zulia
Universidad de Oriente
Universidad Nacional Experimental Francisco de Miranda
Universidad Marítima del Caribe
Universidad Nacional Abierta
Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador
Universidad Politécnica Antonio José de Sucre
Universidad Politécnica de la Fuerza Armada Nacional
Universidad Rafael María Baralt
Universidad Simón Bolívar
Universidad Simón Rodríguez
Universidad Sur del Lago Jesús María Semprum

Private universities:
Instituto Universitario Politécnico “Santiago Mariño”
Universidad Alejandro de Humboldt
Universidad Alonso de Ojeda
Universidad Arturo Michelena
Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua
Universidad Rafael Urdaneta
Universidad Católica Andrés Bello
Universidad Católica Cecilio Acosta
Universidad Católica del Táchira
Universidad Católica Santa Rosa
Universidad de Margarita
Universidad Dr. José Gregorio Hernández
Universidad Fermín Toro
Universidad José Antonio Páez
Universidad José María Vargas
Universidad Metropolitana
Universidad Monteávila
Universidad Nororiental Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho
Universidad Nueva Esparta
Universidad Panamericana del Puerto
Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin
Universidad Santa María
Universidad Tecnológica del Centro
Universidad Valle del Momboy
Universidad Yacambú

:Comprehensive list of Cheap Tuition Universities and Colleges in Venezuela for International Students:

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