Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities in Estonia for International Students

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Tuition fees in Estonian universities are not the same for all institutions. This is due to the fact that different universities have different tuition fees depending on the level of study and specialization. The tuition fees always cost between 1023 to 7350 Euros per year. Graduate and postgraduate courses may cost more depending on the course and university chosen by the student. Tuition fees in Estonia is much less as compared to some other countries in Europe (but not free). Like MS in Engineering will cost about 2000 Euros/semester and many best performing students get tuition waiver. Note that Admissions to BS (Undergraduate) called as ‘First Cycle’ in Estonia requires copies of your transcripts- upper secondary/high school result. Admissions to MS/PhD (Graduate) or ‘Second and 3rd Cycle’ courses may require details of your BS/MS degree/GPA/Transcripts. See the list of low tuition universities in Estonia that are best for international students.

Comprehensive list of Cheap Tuition Universities and Institutions in Estonia for International Students

Audentes University

Audentes University, Tartu Branch

Concordia International University Estonia

Estonian Academy of Arts

Estonian Academy of Music

Estonian Agricultural University

Estonian Business School

Estonian Public Service Academy

International University Estonia

Tallinn Institute of Technology

Tallinn University

Tartu Medical School

University Nord

Concordia International University Estonia

Tallinn University of Technology

University Tartu

Estonian Business School

:Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities in Estonia for International Students:

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