Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities in Colombia for International Students

Most institutions and programs operate on semester system. There are two calendars, “A” and “B,” although A is the predominant calendar. The first semester for the A calendar begins in February and ends in June and the second semester begins in July and ends in November. The first semester of the B calendar runs from September through December and the second semester runs from January through June. Spanish is usually the language of instruction used throughout the Colombian Universities. In this way, international applicants may be required to submit evidence of Spanish proficiency result or to take a language test set by the university. If you are not very fluent in speaking the language, you can attend language lessons before the commencement of your program. We have included the list of cheap tuition universities and institutions in Colombia for you. Kindly visit the university’s webpage for specific information.

Low Tuition Universities in Colombia

National University of Colombia

Military University Nueva Granada

National Pedagogic University

Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia

Technological University of Pereira

Superior College of Public Administration

University of the Amazon

University of the Llanos

University of the Pacific

:Comprehensive list of Low Tuition Universities in Colombia for International Students:

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