Complete Study Abroad Guide for international Students

First of all, I will like you to know that studying abroad is not as hard as most people view it. It is in some way, quite easy and will be much more easier if you keep this easy study abroad guideIt is very necessary to be mindful of the source of your information.

If I may ask, which source is your information coming from? Its absolute vital to be at alert as we have lots of scammers out looking for who to devour.

Information is the bedrock of actions one takes so, when you get wrong information you take wrong actions and end up producing no positive results.

The best and first thing you should mind on occasions like this is your source of information. I hope it sounds cool!

Low Tuition Universities Blog

Low Tuition Universities Blog gives valid information on how to study abroad in low tuition universities. Also, it features study abroad scholarships to students.

Study Abroad Nations

Study Abroad Nations is a perfect resource when it comes to information concerning best countries to study abroad. It also helps international students secure study places abroad through scholarships or personal financed means.

You can sign up for study abroad nations regular study abroad guides and scholarship updates using this link => SIGN UP FOR FREE

Now, lets consider certain things that are necessary while planning to study abroad


It is said ‘the earlier the better’. Sending your applications for study abroad scholarships or admission to a university on the day of application closure or after the closure is very disheartening.

You have to strive and get information on time in other to have ample periods to gather stuffs you need for the application ranging from passport photographs to other scanned files as the case maybe.


Just as the time of an information matters, so does the source. Where are you getting your information from? Is it a reliable source? Is it regular? All these facts must be considered so you don’t miss out on the way.

With study abroad nations blog, you get reliable study abroad information and opportunities with links to access each study abroad opportunity posted.

Study Abroad Nations has a Study Abroad Guide column where you get guides on how to secure admission and study your dream course abroad. It also has Study Abroad With Scholarships column where you get international scholarships to study abroad.


What actions do you take with the information you get? Do you procrastinate? oh no! Always hurriedly apply for any study abroad opportunity that comes your way without delay.

This entails how patient you are, you may have applied for scholarships time and again and it seems you are wasting your time. Do not be demoralized.

Reading through successful peoples’ stories, you will get to understand better and that you should be tired and weary of applying.

The fault might not really be from the scholarship provider but you and that was the reason these article were published on our blog. You can read it by clicking these links => 

Just try and find out the errors that made your applications unsuccessful, rectify them and keep applying and you will surely get there someday.

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I am an Electrical Electronic Engineering Student at the Federal University of Technology, Owerri - Nigeria. Also, I help students to achieve their study abroad dreams using my research articles. Feel free to contact me for assistance in your applications. Best of Luck!

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