Best Universities in Australia and What Makes Them a Top Choice

Australia is definitely the country with some of the best universities in the world. In fact, according to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, published this year, there are 35 Australian Universities listed among the world’s best, and eight in the first 200, which is an admirable feet.

Having this type of recognition certainly doesn’t hurt, but even without it Australia has some of the most renowned a sought after universities that tend to attract students from all corners of the world. This article will cover the top three that reign above the rest, and you will be able to see for yourself what it is that makes them stand out.

University of Melbourne

This famous university has taken the 30th spot in the THE ranking, making it one of the most coveted universities in the world. Now in order to enroll you need to meet a clearly defined set of entry requirements which take into consideration your background, grades and other important circumstances in your life.

The next step is checking the fees that apply for your particular case and exploring what are the numerous scholarship options that this university has to offer you. Now that we have gotten the technicalities out of the way, here are some other reasons that make the University of Melbourne so great.

First of all, there are students from 130 different countries currently attending this university, so you will be able to learn about other cultures and expand your world knowledge, not to mention forge amazing friendships. Secondly, the lecturers are quite remarkable as well if you consider that Nobel prizewinner Peter Doherty (physiology and medicine) and fellows of the Royal Society David Solomon and David Boger are all teaching or doing research at the University of Melbourne at the moment.

University of Queensland

One of the top universities in Australia, the University of Queensland has a very straight forward motto – Scientia ac Labore – which translates from Latin into – by means of knowledge and hard work. So you might say it is quite clear what you are about to face here. When it comes to admissions, as with most universities you need to take into consideration tuition fees, scholarship options and possible financial aid, all of which are available for your consideration the university website.

There are different accommodation options depending on your personal preferences and you’ll get to be surrounded with students from 141 countries from across the globe. Make no mistake, this university is all about hard work and it is important to prepare for just that, so make sure you get organized, and if you can, try to get your hands on the available uq past exams so that you can up your study game. You’ll need it considering that the University of Queensland’s former students include a Nobel laureate, two Fortune 500 company CEOs, Oscar winner Geoffrey Rush and poet Bronwyn Lea.

University of Sydney

Being the oldest university in Australia (founded in 1850) gives the University of Sydney a bit of an advantage within the local community. The beautiful historic building and a modern approach to studying make this university a favorite among Australian and international students alike.

The admissions process is quite clearly explained and you can ask for addition guidance from the helpful university staff and a far as fees and finance go, you can check out some great scholarship options listed on their website. The Sydney University is known for giving back to the community, and producing a generation upon a generation of great experts who are willing to support and give back.

With numerous leading researcher and scientist this university is bound to challenge your intellect and make you work hard. And not to mention the availability of 280 overseas exchange programs that await you here. Finally, let’s not forget the great student community that is quite engaging and welcoming,


These are the top three universities in Australia, where you will not only get you academic thirst quenched but also have the opportunity to rub shoulders with your peers from all over the world, learning, socializing and making a difference. After all that is what makes the student life so great.

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