Best Computer Science Universities in Canada

Best Computer Science Universities in Canada

Technology is undoubtedly the hallmark of this age, so the job market is not without jobs in the field of computer science which has become an area of ​​interest to many students. For students who are interested in entering this field, Canadian magazine McLarenz has ranked the best computer science universities in Canada.

The classification is based on information and facts provided by the academic publishing institution Elsevier, in addition to a survey sent by the magazine to students and academics. Read on to learn more about the best computer science universities. In Canada and Technology Universities in Canada:

1 – University of Toronto

Is a university with a special status that is not competed with any other university. It has 8000 colleges, 700 undergraduate programs and 83,000 students in three university districts. The St. George’s downtown campus is famous for its surrounding trees and historic stone buildings, while the newest university buildings are located on quiet outskirts of Scarborough and Mississauga. Over the course of years, the halls of the University of Toronto have been filled with debates and discussions involving many ministers and prime ministers.

2 (joint) – University of British Columbia

A large university such as the University of British Columbia is likely to evoke a sense of awe among new students, its vast campus at Point Gray, and its internationally recognized reputation for research and graduate programs. The University takes on an ongoing challenge to create a more encouraging learning environment for students by adding more learning spaces that focus on the needs of students, and involve neighboring municipalities to promote community partnership.

2 (joint) – University of Waterloo

Waterloo University is a beacon of scientific research. One of the most famous faculties is the Palaisi College of International Affairs and was founded in partnership with the University of Wilfred Laurier. Nearby, there is a high-level Prater College of theoretical physics. In 2012, the University opened the Mike and Ovelia Lazarides Center for Nanoscale and Quantum Research (QNC), and also opened the new campus in Stratford – Ontario. It is dedicated to digital media and information technology.

4 – University of Alberta

Is a university based on scientific research, offering more than 200 undergraduate and 170 post-graduate programs. Located south of the Legislative Council building on the edge of White Road, one of the landmarks of Edmonton, Alberta, is famous for its numerous shops, restaurants and cafes to suit every taste. The main campus consists of a quiet green area surrounded by modern glass and steel buildings dedicated to engineering, science and medicine.

5 – Simon Fraser University

Since its opening 50 years ago in Bernabé, Simon Fraser University has extended to Vancouver city center in the city center, as well as to the city of Surrey, famous for its rapid economic growth. The University in three regions has established strong links with local communities.

More Universities:

Sixth place – McGill University
Seventh place – University of Montreal
Eighth – University of Victoria
Ninth place – Queen’s University
10th place – University of Calgary

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