Accelerated Online MBA Programs


The University of Marilhurst accelerated its online MBA program that promotes dedicated trainers who are coupled with current professional experience with advanced academics. They offer an exceptional learning experience drawn from hard critics such as the United States and the World Report . Our graduates hold key positions as ethical leaders in major American companies, global visions surpassing that shine with innovation and cooperation.

Accredited by the Northwest Committee on Colleges and Universities and granted accreditation from the International Association of Collective Business Education, the Accelerated MBA program allows students to complete a degree entirely online in less than 18 months.

Supported by basic business fundamentals including economics, marketing management, business law, and courses such as ethical decision-making and e-business strategies that broaden perspective, concentrations in public administration, health care management and non-profit managementstudents learn to manage changes in technology and markets, And global environments. Students also develop a real-world business opportunity as a Capstone project.

  • Leadership – Managing the use of sustainable leadership principles to integrate management protocols, regulatory functions, and environmental impacts
  • Resource Management – Leadership through the use of effective management strategies for planning, organizing, leading and controlling resources
  • Leadership ingenuity – manage and guide across business divisions such as finance, marketing, human resources, strategic planning, and information technology
  • Considerable image thinking – Integrating environmental impacts such as competitive landscape, globalization, stakeholder interests, culture and technology into regulatory decision making
  • Ethics and Integrity – Develop personal ethics that address ethical dilemmas within an organizational context without compromising integrity
  • Communication – Demonstrate effective communication skills to interact interactively in global environments
  • ; Renaissance Leidership – Applying a well-rounded liberal arts perspective that forms analysis related to business and decision-making
  • Corner Vision Office – Create dynamic personal education and career plans

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