A Complete Guide to Combing Online Tutoring with University Education

The internet can do amazing things. Aside from all the cat videos and YouTube pranks, the internet itself is a tool, and when used as one, it can accomplish amazing things. For example, never has the human race had such a mind-boggling amount of knowledge accessible at our fingertips and this contains unlimited potential if used in the right way.

So how does this affect education? Times Higher Education recently reported on how a new ‘Uber-styled’ platform is launching where over 10,000 students will sign up to become tutors that can help other students prepare for higher education.

So where does leave universities? With such a spike appearing in private online tutoring, how does affect universities and the more traditional forms of education? Let’s find out.

Establishments Implementing Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is nothing new; it simply hasn’t been as easily accessible as it is today. In fact, think back to the language-learning platform that is known as Rosetta Stone. The mainly online platform was founded all the way back in 1992 and has since grown beyond languages into full learning platforms.

However, it’s only in the last few years that universities and higher education facilities have started to invest in these online learning platforms. For example, websites like Tutor dedicate themselves to offering all kinds of learning programs to schools and currently sits at having completed over 15 million online sessions.

This figure alone goes to show just how effective these learning platforms are, how many people are using them and the importance they are obviously going to play in our society. Even mass media publications, such as the Huffington Post, are starting to see the effects that this industry is producing.

The Cost of Private Education?

According to Higher Times Education, the private education industry is currently valued at just over £6billion. This is a huge market, and it’s no wonder that so many businesses and individuals are taking it seriously. But are the students really benefitting, or is it an industry that exists to make money?

“Spires (the Uber-styled tutor platform) charges an average price of £24 an hour. From this figure, £21 is given to the tutor while £3 is taken by the company as a kind of commission. This is a figure that is dramatically lower than traditional methods of face-to-face tutoring. These tutors are also students who are themselves studying in universities like Cambridge and Oxford,” shares Jean P. Deloach, an online tutor for Best Australian Writers.

As you can see, private tutoring is incredibly affordable, especially in the face of rising university and education fees. The majority of the students on the Spires platform tend to come from rural areas, or are recent migrants to the UK, ensuring that this level of education is far more widespread and diverse that the universities themselves.

Online Tools Benefit Education

One of my favourite modern-day sayings is that ‘there’s an app for everything’ mainly because it’s true. The internet is full of tools, resources and websites that are dedicated to helping people improve their skills and knowledge, and the same is true for the educational section.

For example, tools and blogs like Grammarix, Via Writing, Essay Services, Academadvisor, Cite It In, Best British Essays, State of Writing and Easy Word Count are all tools that have the sole purpose of helping students with their writing assignments, learning methods and overall writing skills.

With tools like this available, students have a better chance than ever before at finding a writing style that suits them, providing them with a more personalised and suitable style of learning.

A New Global Movement?

As you can see, the online tutoring is an established industry which continues to grow at a phenomenal rate. With education tools and platforms never so accessible, could this signal a change in the way modern-day societies are looking at education? If universities are able to harness this new technology and platforms, I truly believe something amazing could happen.

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