15 Universities with the Lowest Out-of-State Tuition Costs

As we all know, university is not cheap. Investing in education has become increasingly expensive over the last years, while job positions have become scarce and wages have lowered. We live in an era of fast technological development, so machines are quickly becoming the response to almost any question.

For instance, we won’t need ticket sellers in movie theaters shortly – we’ll have machines that will be able to instantly print them out for us; and there are other similar examples. Kenna Lazlo, CEO at Essaygeeks.co.uk, shares her opinion on the matter. “Unfortunately, it’s usually the lower-paid jobs that become scarce, if not inexistent. That’s why students must pursue careers that are going to be needed all the time, careers that machines won’t be able to replace. Law, medicine, or even religious studies are some of the good career examples.”

In order to apply for high-paid jobs, students need a degree, and very good grades. Thus, attending college becomes necessary, if not crucial. To make the job easier for you, we put up a list of universities which have the lowest out-of-state-tuition costs. Take a look, and consider applying!

  1. Dickinson State University, North Dakota

Out-of-state tuition cost:$9,150

Offers: more than 75 fields of interest to choose from, and great programs for teacher education.

Student ratio: 11 to 1

Student body: 2,700

  1. Bemidji State University, Minnesota

Out-of-state tuition cost: $8,644

Offers: a diversity of intercollegiate sports, like men’s ice hockey, or women’s volleyball

Student ratio:19:1     “`

Student body:5,100

  1. Central State University, Ohio

Out-of-state tuition cost: $8,096

Offers:a wide variety of Greek organizations; all National Pan-Hellenic Council organizations opened chapters at Central State University

Student ratio:13:1

Student body:1,729

  1. Minot State University, North Dakota

 Out-of-state tuition cost: $6,810

Offers:need-based scholarships or grant awards for students in need

Student ratio:12:1

Student body:3,412

  1. Southern University at New Orleans, Louisiana

Out-of-state tuition cost: $4,911

Offers:ranked 2nd in Best Colleges in Regional Universities South, 2018

Student ratio:18:1

Student body:2,430

  1. Northeastern State University, Oklahoma

Out-of-state tuition cost: $12,635

Offers:great job opportunities after graduation; “Gather Here. Go Far” is their alumni’s motto

Student ratio:17:1

Student body:9,923

  1. West Texas A&M University, Texas

Out-of-state tuition cost: $7,548

Offers:applications are rolling, there is no set deadline

Student ratio:20:1

Student body: 9,901

  1. Dakota State University, South Dakota

Out-of-state tuition cost: $12,077

Offers:majors in multiple fields, such as Computer Sciences, Marketing, and Biomedicinal Studies

Student ratio:17:1

Student body: 3,190

  1. Peru State College, Nebraska

Out-of-state tuition cost: $7,243

Offers:three different schools, each of them specially designed for a specific set of majors – School of Education, School of Arts and Sciences, and School of Professional Studies.

Student ratio:n/a

Student body:n/a

  1. Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Out-of-state tuition cost: $9,708

Offers:financial support to more than 70% of the student body, and health insurance

Student ratio:n/a

Student body:n/a

  1. Alcorn State University, Mississippi

Out-of-state tuition cost: $6,888

Offers:ranked #37 in Top Public Schools

Student ratio:17:1

Student body:3,420

  1. Chadron State University, Nebraska

Out-of-state tuition cost: $6,540

Offers:wide student gender distribution

Student ratio:n/a

Student body:n/a

  1. Delta State University, Mississippi

Out-of-state tuition cost: $6,562

Offers: NCAA II collegiate athletic associations

Student ratio:n/a

Student body:n/a

  1. Louisiana State University Alexandria, Louisiana

Out-of-state tuition cost: $5,606

Offers:Certificate, Associate, and Bachelor’s degrees

Student ratio:18:1

Student body:3,277

  1. Mayville State University, North Dakota

Out-of-state tuition cost: $9,084

Offers:high gran awards, up to $6,000 per academic year

Student ratio:15:1

Student body:1,130



Low-tuition universities can be a great option for families on a tight budget, but who still want to get the best out of their college years. Check those out, and don’t forget to submit your application before the deadline!

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